What is a Design Contest?

(On-line submission)
The aim of the Contest is to encourage education and research in state-of-the-art in VLSI design and its realization at universities and other educational organizations. We solicit designs that fit in one or more of the following categories:
  1. Designed, and actually implemented on chips in universities or other educational organizations during the last two years.
  2. Designs that report actual measurements from implementations
  3. Innovative design prototypes
Interesting or excellent designs selected will be honored by providing opportunities for presentation in a special session at the conference. Awards will be given to outstanding designs selected from those presented at the conference. Based on the merit of the design submitted from within India, it might be possible to offer fabrication support for selected submissions.

Areas of Design:

Application areas, or types of circuits, include(not limited to):
  1. Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits
  2. Digital Signal Processing
  3. Microprocessors
  4. Custom Application Specific Circuits
Methods, or technology, used for implementation include (not limited to):
  1. Full Custom and Cell-Based LSIs
  2. Gate Arrays
  3. Field Programmable Devices, including FPGA/ PLDs
  4. Hardware-Software Co-Design

Submission of Design Descriptions:

On-line submission is managed by Docman (document management system). To submit any information on-line, you must Check-in with a userid and password. A new window will pop up. If you have EVER used Docman in the past, you have a valid userid and password (Cannot recall Userid/Password?). Otherwise, please sign-up as a New User to obtain a userid and password.

(Please ensure that in DOCMAN correct DOCUMENT TYPE is selected)

Check-in and you may return to this window to choose from the following ( then go back to DOCMAN window to proceed with online submission/review).

Your submission should meet the following requirements:
  1. The cover page should include
    1. indication that it is an application for University LSI Design Contest
    2. title of the design
    3. authors and affiliations
    4. speaker
    5. mailing address, Phone No., Fax No., and e-mail address of the contact author
    6. area of the application and implementation method, expressed using the codes shown in the above Areas of Design (e.g. "3-a" for a full custom microprocessor)
    7. clear and brief description on the application, originality, and other features of the design
    8. contribution of each author, if the LSI is jointly developed with non-academic parties
  2. The summary is requested to be written within 2 pages, including figures, tables, and references.
  3. It is strongly recommended that measured experimental results and a chip micrograph should be included. If the experimental results and the chip micrograph have not been prepared before the deadline of submission, the authors can send the revised paper including them later.
Review process:

The following criteria will be applied in the selection of designs:
  1. Reliability of design and implementation
  2. Quality of implementation
  3. Performance of the design
  4. Novelty of application, algorithm, architecture
Interesting or excellent designs selected will be presented at a special session of the conference.


Also, the following awards will be given to a fewnumber of outstanding designs, selected from those presented at the conference:
  1. Outstanding design award
  2. Special feature awards

An author of each selected design will be required to make a short presentation at a special session of VLSI DESIGN 2005. A digest of each design to be presented will be included in the conference proceedings.

Initial 2-page submission: July 31, 2004
4-page write-up with Experimental results, Chip Micrograph: September 27, 2004
Camera-ready submission: October 10, 2004