Second and Final List of Selected Fellows :    (XLS)
First List of Registered Fellows :    (XLS)

Fellowship Registration Form :    (DOC)    (PDF)

Congratulations to all who are selected as Fellows in the preliminary screening in the second list. The list is given above.

We received a huge number of applications this year. Hence, quite a few deserving candidates had to be left out to meet the constraints of our limited funds. However, our past experience indicates that a significant number of selected fellows do not finally turn up for the conference. This is unfortunate since the allocated money remains unutilized while some of the deserving candidates are denied participation.

To ensure full participation, this year's committee requires fellows to confirm their participation by paying a Participation Deposit of Rs.1,500/- by the cutoff date. This fee will be refunded in full along with the fellowship reimbursements provided the fellow participates in the Conference on all five days from 3rd to 7th January, 2005. No refund, however, will be admissible for partial or no participation.

We had published the first list of 200 fellows on November 1, 2004 with a request to register and confirm participation by November 20, 2004. We are happy to note that 154 fellows have confirmed participation with registration and payment of Participation Deposit by the said date. We have been forced to withdraw the fellowship for the remaining 46 and are now offering those through a second fellowship list to 59 new candidates.

We have also received a very high number of requests for accommodation from the fellows registering from the first list. With this we are already over-booked on our capacity in accommodation. Hence, most of the outstation candidates in the second list could not be offered accommodation. So before you confirm your participation, please note that in such cases you'll need to make your own arrangements. Conference, however, would partially support you financially for this as detailed below.

Fellowship Cutoff
This is a provisional offer and the fellowship will be confirmed only on registration through the form given above along with the payment of the Participation Deposit of Rs.1,500/- by December 13, 2004. Please note that if we do not receive your registration application along with the Participation Deposit by the given deadline your fellowship will automatically stand withdrawn.

Please note that no further list for fellowship will be published. Hence, please do not request for any further fellowship.

If you had been offered in the first list and if for some reason you could not register or the payment you had sent did not reach us in time, please do not request us for further considerations as your fellowship has already been awarded to someone else. If we receive your cheque in future, we'll return it.

Instructions to Selected Fellows
Please refer to the list of fellowship grants as given above to find out your fellowship status. You'll need the information from the list to fill up your Fellowship Registration Form. So please note these carefully.

  • Against your name, you'll find the "Doc. #" (Document Reference Number) for your original application. Please refer to this in all your correspondences with the Secretariat.
  • Check the "Registration Waiver" column. If this is "Y", then your registration fees are waived. It is "N" otherwise.
  • Check the "TA" column. If this has a "Y - 3A", then you would be reimbursed for your tickets for travel by Rail by the shortest route from your place of Work / Study (Institute) to Kolkata and back by 3-Tier AC Class. If this has a "Y - SL", then your approved class for travel is Sleeper Class. It'll be "N" otherwise.

    Please also note that Conference would not provide any other incidental and / or commuting expenses for the travel.

    In case your mode of travel is something other than Rail, you would be reimbursed up to the approved amount (as setup from the rail fare) or your actual expenses - whichever is less.

  • Check the "Accommodation" column carefully. This can be "Y", "S" or "N".

    If this is "Y", then the Conference would arrange a free accommodation for you in Kolkata, if you need. So please specify the same in your form.

    If this is "S", then the Conference would neither provide you free accommodation nor arrange the accommodation for you. You'll have to make your own arrangements. The Conference, however, would support you for your accommodation expenses at the rate of Rs. 200/= per day or the actual accommodation charges (whichever is less) for maximum up to 5 nights on production of actual receipts.

    If this is "N", Conference would neither support nor arrange the accommodation for you.

    Note that if you have partial support from other sources, then your support under the Fellowship would be only to the extent for which you are not covered from your current support.

    Besides, the Conference would also provide some Daily Allowance for covering your food, local conveyance and incidental expenses during the Conference. The amount for the same is yet to be decided.

    How to Register and Confirm Fellowship
    To ensure the grant of your fellowship you'll need to do the following:

  • Download Fellowship Registration Form from the VLSI Website.
  • Fill up the form indicating your choice of Tutorials. Do provide this choice even if you have already done so and / or if you want to make changes from your earlier choice.

    Please note that the seats in each tutorial is limited. Although we shall make every effort to accommodate your choice, in the unfortunate event of having to shift some to other tutorials we shall strictly follow a first-come-first serve approach.

  • Draw an account payee cheque amounting to Rs.1,500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only) favoring "VLSI TRUST 2005", write your Name & Doc # on the reverse of the Cheque and mail it along with the completed registration form so as to reach the VLSI Secretariat on or before December 13, 2004.

    Please note that if we do not receive your registration application along with the Participation Deposit by the given deadline your fellowship will be automatically stand withdrawn.

    Please also note that you will be required to produce a letter of identification from the Head of your Institution during the conference to claim your fellowship.

    Finally, if you have been allowed travel by AC-3 Tier class, you'll need to produce photocopies of tickets at the time of claim.

    If you have any further queries, please write to:

    Enjoy your fellowship and have a nice stay at Kolkata.