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Algorithms with special focus on Computational Geometry

This group works on Algorithms and Data Structures, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Low Memory Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization.

Group Members

Members Designation
  • Dr. Bhargab B. Bhattacharya
  • Professor
  • Dr. Subhas C. Nandy
  • Professor
  • Dr. Sandip Das
  • Professor
  • Dr. Arijit Bishnu
  • Associate Professor
  • Ayan Nandy
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Soumen Nandi
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Sameer Desai
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Ankush Acharyya
  • Junior Research Fellow
    External collaborators Affiliation
  • Subir K. Ghosh
  • TIFR, Mumbai, India
  • S. P. Pal
  • IIT, Kharagpur, India
  • Anil Maheswari
  • Carleton University, Canada
  • Partha P. Goswami
  • Calcutta University, India

    Publications (by year)

    2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008



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