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Members Designation Research Areas Contact

Ayan Nandy
Senior Research Fellow Discrete and Computational Geometry. +91-33-2575xxxx
ay AT [*]

Soumen Nandi
Senior Research Fellow Graph Coloring and Labeling, Computational Geometry. +91-33-2575xxxx
soumen.nandi_r AT [*]

Subhash Bhagat
Senior Research Fellow Distributed Algorithms for Swarm Robots subhash.bhagat.math AT gmail.com

Sameer Desai
Senior Research Fellow - sameer.indirock AT gmail.com

Ankush Acharyya
Senior Research Fellow Computational Geometry ankush_r[AT] [*]

Manjari Pradhan
Senior Research Fellow VLSI Testing manjaripradhan_r[AT] [*]

Soumi Chatterjee
Senior Research Fellow Formal methods, Internet of Things, Service paradigm, Sensor-As-A-Service soumi61 AT gmail.com

Dibyayan Chakraborty
Senior Research Fellow Computational Geometry dibyayancg AT gmail.com

Subhankar Ghosal
Senior Research Fellow Networks Channel Assignment Problems subhoghosal7 AT gmail.com

Gopinath Mishra
Senior Research Fellow Graph Algorithms, Computational Geometry gopianjan117 AT gmail.com

Uma Kant Sahoo
Senior Research Fellow Graph Theory and Discrete Geometry umakant.iitkgp AT gmail.com

Arindam Chatterjee
Senior Research Fellow Digital Testing arindam.chatterjee AT heritageit.edu

Manobendra Nath Mondal
Junior Research Fellow Post-Silicon Validation manobmondal AT gmail.com

Shankar Kumar Ghosh
Junior Research Fellow Vertical Handoffs in 4G Networks shankar.it46 AT gmail.com

Satyabrata Jana
Junior Research Fellow Computational Geometry, Graph Theory satyamtma AT gmail.com

Moumita Das
Woman Scientist Computer Architecture moumita.it AT gmail.com

Ritajit Majumdar
Junior Research Fellow
(DST Inspire)
Quantum Information Theory mojutijatir AT gmail.com

Rathindra Nath Dutta
Junior Research Fellow Mobile Computing ratcoinc AT gmail.com

Subhojit Sarkar
Junior Research Fellow Mobile Computing subhojitfriends AT gmail.com

Kaustabha Ray
Junior Research Fellow Verification of Cyber-physical Systems kaustabharay AT gmail.com