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Research Areas

The faculty members and students of the Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit (ACMU) broadly work in the following areas:

  • Networks and Distributed Computing:
    This group works on Pervasive Computing, Mobile and Dependable Computing, Cloud Computing, Parallel and Distributive Computing.

  • Design Automation and Testing in VLSI, Biochips and Quantum Circuits, and Formal Verification:
    This group works on Logic and Physical Synthesis for ASICs, FPGAs, SoCs, Biochips and Quantum Circuits,; Design and Testing for Microfluidic Nano-Bio Chips,; Formal Verification of Hardware and Software; Hardware Security; Testing, BIST and DFT.

  • High Performance Architectures:
    This group works on high performance architectures, algorithms for efficient architecture mapping, cache aware algorithms.

  • Algorithms with special focus on Computational Geometry:
    This group works on Algorithms and Data Structures, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Low Memory Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization.

  • Digital Imaging and Digital Geometry:
    This group works on digital image processing and its applications. Of special interest to this group is the subject of digital geometry which forms a theoretical underpinning to digital imaging.

  • Nanotechnology and Gigascale Integration Techniques: