List of Accepted Papers

Paper ID Paper Title
9 SVD free Matrix Completion with Online Bias Correction for Recommender Systems
10 Scale-Rotation Invariant Features from Non-Subsampled Contourlets
12 Multi-spectral Demosaicing: A Joint-sparse Elastic-net Formulation
16 Bias Field Estimation and Segmentation of MR Images using Modified Fuzzy-c Means Algorithms
18 Twin Support Vector Machines Based Regression
22 Epitome based Transform domain Image Denoising
24 A Simple and Efficient Approach for Medical Image Security Using Chaos on EZW
26 Feature Extraction Based on Stroke Orientation Estimation Technique for Handwritten Numeral
33 MML Inference of Finite State Automata for Probabilistic Spam Detection
37 The fastest procedure to calculate the smallest singular value
49 Intutionistic Fuzzy Roughness Measure for Segmentation of Brain MR Images
54 Using Bayesian Statistics and Gabor Wavelets for Recognition of Human Faces: A Markov Random Field Framework
57 Feature Subset Selection using Consensus Clustering
62 Exploring Spatial Dependency of Meteorological Attributes for Multivariate Analysis: A Granger Causality Test Approach
67 Robust Facial Expression Classification Using Shape and Appearance Features
69 Synoptic Video Based Human Crowd Behavior Analysis for Forensic Video Surveillance
79 Motion-based Segmentation of Chest and Abdomen Region of Neonates
83 A New Medical Image Registration Algorithm Based on Virtual Grids Matching using Hausdorff Distance and Near Set
87 Parallel Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Facial Recognition Algorithms Using Open Source Technologies
91 Contribution of Telugu Vowels in Identifying Emotions
97 A Fast Iris Localization using Inversion Transform and Restricted Circular Hough Transform
99 Optimal Residual Frame Based Source Modeling for HMM-based Speech Synthesis
105 A Unique Approach in Text Independent Speaker Recognition using MFCC Features Sets and Probabilistic Neural Network
108 Building Facade Detection via Plane Support Points Clustering
109 A Simple Skull Stripping Algorithm for Brain MRI
112 CLRF : Compressed Local Retinal Features for Image Description
113 Continuous Authentication in a Real World Settings
115 An Automated Method for Counting and Characterizing Red Blood Cells Using Mathematical Morphology
117 Automated Detection of Newborn Sleep Apnea using Video Monitoring System
123 Exploring the Self Similar Properties for Monitoring of Air Quality Information
126 Identifying Social Groups in Pedestrian Crowd Videos
127 Automated Segmentation and Classification of Chemical and Other Equations from Document Images
130 An Efficient Line Segmentation Approach for Handwritten Bangla Document Image
134 A Novel Intelligent Robust Watermarking Scheme for Protecting Information in Document Images
139 Random Forest and Stochastic Gradient Tree Boosting Based Approach for the Prediction of Airfoil-self noise
140 Parametric Coding of Texture in Multi-view Videos for 3DTV
142 A Kronecker Compressed Sensing Formulation for Energy Efficient EEG Sensing
144 A Probabilistic Framework for Dynamic k Estimation in kNN Classifiers with Certainty Factor
145 A Scalable Model for Knowledge Sharing Based Supervised Learning Using AdaBoost
150 Multi-label Annotation of Music
151 Image Compression using DCT and Compressive Sensig Theory
152 Classification of Benign and Malignant Masses in Mammograms using Invariant Zernike Moments
155 Improved Delaunay Graph based Video Summarization with Semantic Features and Canonical Correlation
156 Classification of Leukaemia Cell Lines in Microfluidics based Imaging Flow Cytometer
158 Slap Fingerprint Segmentation using Symmetric Filters based Quality
159 Blood Vessel Extraction with Optic Disc Removal in Retinal Images
168 A Novel Remote Sensing Image Fusion Algorithm Using ICA Bases
174 Ensemble Based Distributed Rough Clustering
175 A Spatial Fuzzy C-means Algorithm with Application to MRI Image Segmentation
182 Bayesian Neural Network for Video Event Classification
185 Gestalt Configural Superiority Effect: A Complexity Paradigm for Handwritten Numeral Recognition
186 Recommender System Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis based on Monotonicity
187 On Extraction of Features for Handwritten Odia Numeral Recognition in Transformed Domain
191 On Segmentation of CS Reconstructed MR Images
192 A Multimodal Approach for Image De-fencing and Depth Inpainting
196 Event Extraction from Cancer Genetics Literature
203 Robust Indoor/Outdoor scene classification
207 Text Recognition using Deep BLSTM Networks
208 Compressive Sensing Framework for Simultaneous Compression and Despeckling of SAR images
211 Domain Adaptation Using Weighted Sub-space Sampling For Object Categorization
216 Detection of Climate Zones using Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis: A Spatio-temporal Data Mining Approach
217 Face Detection and Landmark Localization using Non-parametric Approach and Landmark Filters
225 Extracting Information from a Query Image, for Content Based Image Retrieval
226 Conversion of Neutral speech to Storytelling Style speech
227 Human Action Recognition Based on Motion Capture Information using Fuzzy Convolution Neural Networks
234 Partial Rank Aggregation using Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm: Application in Ranking Genes
241 Feature Selection for Event Extraction in Biomedical Text
242 Detection of Bifurcation Angles in a Retinal Fundus Image
243 Effect of Cirrus Cloud on Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Aerosol Free Vegetation Index (AFRI): A Study Based on LANDSAT- 8 Images
249 Computation of Tortuosity of Two Dimensional Vessels
251 Electrooculogram based Blink Detection to Limit the Risk of Eye Dystonia
254 A Simple and Robust Algorithm for the Detection of Multi-directional Scratch from Digital Images
257 Music Genre Classification using EMD and Pitch based feature
258 Domain Adaptation by Aligning Locality Preserving Subspaces
259 Words Recognition for Legal Amounts of Bank Cheques in English script