A course on mathematical morphology

Prof. Fernand Meyer

MINES ParisTech

PSL Research University

(CMM) Center for Mathematical Morphology



Abstract: Setting up a course on mathematical morphology for an audience mixing different levels of expertise is rather challenging. Rather to develop one topic in depth, I chose to organize a longitudinal traversal of the subject:

Each of these topics would deserve an extensive course in itself. With many illustrations, it is possible to understand the rationale of each tool and the logical articulations between the various branches of mathematical morphology.

Short Biography: Fernand Meyer got an engineer degree from the Mines-ParisTech in 1975. He works since 1975 at the Centre de Morphologie Mathematique (CMM) of Mines-ParisTech (member of PSL Research University). His first research area was ''Early and Automatic Detection of Cervical Cancer on Cytological Smears'', subject of his PhD thesis, obtained in 1979. He participated actively to the development of mathematical morphology: reconstruction openings, top-hat transform, the morphological segmentation paradigm based on the watershed transform and markers, the theory of digital skeleton, the introduction of hierarchical queues for high speed watershed computations, morphological interpolations, the theory of levelings, hierarchical segmentation. His current subject of interest is the extension of mathematical morphology to node and/or edge weighted graphs.