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SPACE 2019
December 3 - 7
Gandhinagar, India
9th International Conference on Security, Privacy and Applied Cryptographic Engineering

SPACE 2019

Dr. Shashwat Raizada

Talk Title

Cars and Crypto: A Match made in Heaven


In the first glance, one may consider cars and cryptography to be distinctly divergent topics with no correlation. This talk aims to break the myth and bring out how cryptography forms the edifice of modern automotive.

Cars metamorphosis is evident from its rudimentary avatar post second industrial revolution to present day autonomous versions having connected mobility riding on the wave of information revolution. We will visit components under the hood and see cryptography as solver real life challenges. We will also cover topics related to cyber security in the connected mobility and autonomous driving domain.

It is assumed that the audience would have a very basic knowledge of cryptographic primitives based on which we will build up security paradigms. In effect, this talk aims to present paradigms in applied cryptography to the automotive domain.

Short Bio

Dr Shashwat Raizada is an expert in cyber security with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the Engineering Cybersecurity Design and Validation. He has been handling projects related to Security design and testing in the Automotive Domain.

Prior joining RBEI he has over 24 years experience in Indian Navy and retired as a Commander in Jul 2017. He has done extensive Research & Development in Navy’s Information Assurance lab, and performed operational roles onboard Indian Naval and Coast Guard warships. Academically he has a PhD and M Tech in Computer Science (focus Cryptology) from Internationally Renowned Institutes (Indian Statistical Institute(ISI) Kolkata & Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kanpur respectively) besides a B’Tech in Electrical Engineering. With this cross domain exposure enables he has conceptualized and implemented complex projects working closely with Academia, Industry, Government Organizations to deliver niche Cyber security products. He has expertise in Privacy, Applied and Theoretical cryptography which is evident from several deployed products and research publications.

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