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Departmental Faculty & Staff


  • Faculty Members
  • INAE Distinguished Professor

       Dr. B. B. Chaudhuri (bbc@isical.ac.in)

  • Associate Scientist

       Tamaltaru Pal (tamal@isical.ac.in)

  • Laboratory Assistant

       Sunil Kumar Bhar

  • Research Fellows

       Sukomal Pal (sukomal_r@isical.ac.in)

       Jiaul Hoque Paik (jia_r@isical.ac.in)

  • Project Linked Personnels

       Bikash Shaw (bikash_t@isical.ac.in)

       Anandarup Roy (ananda_t@isical.ac.in)

       Suman Kr. Ghosh (suman_t@isical.ac.in)

       Shamita Ghosh (shamita@rediffmail.com)

       Dipasree Pal (dipasree_t@isical.ac.in)

       Samaresh Maiti (samaresh_t@isical.ac.in)

       Ayan Bandyopadhyay (bandyopadhyay.ayan@gmail.com)

       Sukanya Mitra (sukanyamitr@gmail.com)

       Aparajita Sen (aparajita.ajan@gmail.com)