State of India-CMIE is a comprehensive compilation of state-level statistics. The data is sourced from each of the 23 major states and 12 minor states or union territories. provides secondary level socio-economic statistical data about India and its states, Region and Sector on more than 35 variables.
CEIC Databases is delivering a wide range of macroeconomic and industry-specific time series data for India. The database covers over 163,000 time series with historical data from as early as 1951 and offers a wide range of dataset frequencies, from daily to annual.
Open Government Data Platform India is a platform for supporting Open Data initiative of Government of India. Open Government Data Platform India is also packaged as a product and made available in open source for implementation by countries globally. provides public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government." Offers numerous free data sets in a searchable database.
UNData : Do keyword searches to find statistics from the United Nations on many topics including "Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals Database
DataHub provided 8000+ free datasets from the Open Knowledge Foundation. Varied topics. Includes many large datasets from national governments and numerous datasets related to economic development.
Quandloffers a free platform with hundreds of free data sets from "central banks, exchanges, brokerages, governments, statistical agencies, think-tanks, academics, research firms and more. " You must create a free account on the site to download data. Use Sign Up to create account. EMU does not have access to the premium data on this site, but there are many free data sets. - Guide to Regional Economic Data on the Web: EconData.Net is designed to help practitioners, researchers, students, and other data users quickly gain access to relevant state and substate socioeconomic data." Categorizes 750+ links to data sources by subject and provider. Subject areas include demographics, employment, occupation, income, output & trade, prices, economic assets, quality of life, industry sectors, and firm listings. Also offers a "free 100-page guide to finding and using economic data to understand your regional economy." - Registry of Research Data Repositories is a global registry of research data repositories that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines.
biz/ed Data Sets and Data Skills Materials provides data and teaching materials for use with students. There is also a Guide To Free Economics And Business Data On The Web. The guide has a British and European focus.
Damodaran Online offers many downloadable statistics and spreadsheets related to corporate finance and valuation. Includes data on individual firms US & intl, insider trading, historical returns, risk premiums, betas by industry, tax rate comparisons, and more. Caution: although there are past years of data, he has changed methods over time--so the data may not work well for time series analysis.
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) offers over 148,000 US and international time series from 59 sources.
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project provides an annual assessment of the entrepreneurial activity, aspirations and attitudes of individuals across a wide range of countries. Can be downloaded to SPSS.
Innovative Data Sources for Economic Analysis aim is to inform economic researchers and policy makers about new and innovative data sources and analytic tools that have the potential to improve understanding of the dynamics of U.S. economy, specifically as it relates to innovation and entrepreneurship." Scroll down for links to data categories. Some sources described here are not free.
International Macroeconomic Data Set - U.S. Dept of Agriculture Economic Research Service is useful for projections, the USDA's International Macroeconomic Data Set "provides data from 1969 through 2030 for real (adjusted for inflation) gross domestic product (GDP), population, real exchange rates, and other variables for the 190 countries and 34 regions that are most important for U.S. agricultural trade."
International Monetary Fund Data IMF time series data for many international economic indicators. Also, data on debt, direct investment, commodities, government finance, exports, exchange rates, etc.
Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 189 countries/territories for some or all of the years 1950-2010." Provided through the Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania.
UK Dataservice offers large number of data series -- UK, Europe, and international focus.
United Nations Statistical Databases: "A number of U.N. statistical databases can be accessed for free on this site. Often data can be downloaded. Free sources include data from the Demographic Yearbook System, Joint Oil Data Inititiative, Millennium Indicators Database, National Accounts Main Aggregates Database (time series 1970- ), Social Indicators, population databases, and more. Note additional links to statistical information in the left margin.
World Bank Data Catalog provides development data, climate change data, GDP data, World Bank finance data, and more.
World Top Incomes Database - Paris School of Economics provides Distribution of earnings and wealth by country. Can also download data series.
World Resources Instituteis a global research organization that spans more than 50 countries, with offices in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, and the United States. Offers a wide range of statistical, graphical, and analytical information related to environmental, social and economic trends.