The Preamble

JEE and Class XII Board Scores : The Story of Normalization


After the Councils of the Indian Institutes of Technology and the National Institutes of Technology decided to alter the system of engineering admissions, there was a long-drawn process involving various experts and decision makers at various academic and administrative levels trying to develop a new admission procedure based on an appropriate combination of entrance examination scores and normalized class XII scores of the students. At one point during this process, the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) was asked to provide statistical inputs and help in developing a suitable normalization formula for class XII board scores that can be combined with the entrance examination scores for the purpose of selection.

Here, the sequence of events leading to the currently adopted admission procedures, along with the role of ISI in these matters, is described with full reference to background documents. While experts from ISI provided their official inputs at various stages of the deliberations, the ultimate decisions were taken without involving ISI, and those decisions were not in conformity with ISI recommendations.  

At the end of this description, the formula that is currently being used for admission to NITs is explained with some illustration. 


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The story of the IITs

The story of the NITs

The normalization used in NIT admissions 2013