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About the Unit

The Psychology Research Unit is a part of the Social Sciences Division of the Indian Statistical Institute. The major objectives of the Institute, as given in its Memorandum, are (a) to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of statistics, to develop statistical theory and methods, and their use in research and practical applications generally, with special reference to problems of planning of national development and social welfare; (b) to undertake research in various fields of natural and social sciences with a view to the mutual development of statistics and these sciences; (c) to provide for, and undertake, the collection of information, investigation, projects and operational research for purposes of planning and the improvement of efficiency of management and production. The Institute has its headquarters in Kolkata and three major centres at Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and a branch at Giridih. In addition, the Institute has a network of units of Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research at Baroda, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Psychology research Unit came into being from 1996, in place of Psychometric Research and Service Unit established in 1954, following a recommendation of second review committee in 1982.

Scientists of this unit conduct research on application of Statistics and Mathematics in explaining different psychological phenomena and psychological test development through different internal and external funding projects, sometimes in collaboration with scientists of other units of ISI/ or other organizations. Besides, the faculties of the unit are involved in teaching and training activities and are providing Ph.D. guidance to the research fellows selected through All India Examinations of the Institute. Scientistis are also providing services in statistical or psychometric analysis of Psychological data.

Unit also holds a seminar series with speakers both from within and outside the Unit. 

The Psychology Reseach Unit is located at the 4th floors of the Geology building, in the main campus of ISI. Click here for campus map and directions.





Psychology Research Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203, B.T. Road
Calcutta 700 108


Teaching & Ph.D: Usually applications are called for in February/March of every year. This will be notified in major English dailies. Basic eligibility is M.A./M.Sc. in Psychology/Applied Psychology with interests in measurement sciences specially statistics and mathematics.

Research Areas : Educational Psychology,School Psychology, Entrepreneurial Psychology, Psychometrics, Organizational Psychology, Personality , Aptitude Testing, Cognitive Psychology, Environmental Psychology


  • Two Research fellows (Ms. Manjishtha Maitra and Ms. Rachana Chattopadhyay) received 'Young Scientist Award' by the Indian Science Congress Association in 2001, 2002 for presentation of research papers.

  • Ms. Susmita Mukhopadhyay received Dr. Deva Senapathy young scientist Award in 2003 by Indian Academy of Applied Psychology for research paper titled "A study on terminal values as moderators of the relationship between perceived organizational values and job satisfaction of rural bank employees". She also received another award "Search of Excellence Award' in 2004 by Pondicherry Psychology Association for research paper titled "A probe on Indian Psychophilosophy as an alternative paradigm in understanding human nature, behaviour and applied fields"

  • Ms.Monika Sharma, Sr. Research fellow has been adjudged 'IBA AWARD WINNER' (IBA: Indian Business Academy)for her paper titled " Team Efficiency effect of individual and group level varibles on IT teams' at Consortium of Students in Management Research held at department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from 21st-23rd September, 2006.

  • One faculty Dr. D.Dutta Roy received 'Best Poster Presentation Award' by the Indian Science Congress Association in 2003 and 2004. In 1988, he got Young scientist Award by the Indian science Congress association, held in Pune. For the outstanding papers published in JPR and IJAP,he received Professor T.E. Shanmugam Award for excellence in research for 1999 and 2000. He got 'Psychometric Educational Services Award' by the Pondicherry Psychology Association 2004 in January, 2008.

    Tests Developed :

    1. Development of Managerial skill by Dr. Anjali Ghosh
    2. Entrepreneur task motivation by Dr. Anjali Ghosh
    3. Adaptation of Prolonged deprivation Scale by Dr. Rumki Gupta
    4. Development of Computer aided Computer programming Aptitude test battery by Dr. D. Dutta Roy
    5. Computer aided Short-term memory test by Dr. D. Dutta Roy
    6. Reading and Writing Motivation Questionnaire by Dr. D. Dutta Roy
    7. Attitude towards school infrastructure by Dr. D. Dutta Roy
    8. Questionnaire measuring Self-efficacy of agricultural farmers by Dr. D. Dutta Roy
    9. Examiners' Manual for Non-language Test of Intelligence,Manasayan,New Delhi. by Prof. S. Chatterji, Prof.M.Mukerjee and Dr. Rumki Gupta

    Ongoing Projects :

    External: Impact Assessment of Workers Education in collaboration with Central Board of workers education .

    Internal:  Dr. Anjali Ghosh - Cognitive processing through PASS model and it's role in determining academic performance of school students of North Eastern India

    Dr. D. Dutta Roy -Differential validity of Computer programming abilities.

    Dr. Rumki Gupta - Personality profile, Stress and Job satisfaction of Indian sea farers


    1. Anjali Ghosh (Head &Professor) Contact

    2. Dr. D. Dutta Roy,Asst.Professor Web site, Contact


    1. Dr. (Mrs.) Rumki Gupta,(Associate Scientist C)

    2. Dr. (Mrs.) Himani Bhattacharya,(Scientific Assistant B)


      Research Fellows:

      1. Ms. Rituparna Basak
      2. Ms.Shivani Santosh
      3. Anurupa Kundu
      4. Sravanti Adhikari
      5. Sumona Datta

          Obtained Ph.D. Degrees
        1. Dr. Manjishtha Maitra ,(Area: Short-term memory)
        2. Dr.Rachana Chattopadhyay (Area:Entrepreneur motivation),
        3. Dr.Susmita Mukhopadhyay (Area: Organizational health).
        4. Dr. Monika Sharma (Area:Team building)
        5. Ms.Rita Karmakar,(Area: Moral development)
        6. Ms. Fouzia Alsabah Shaikh (Area: Self Concept )

        Earlier(2014-15): Project Asst/Project Linked Persons:  

        1. Jayeta Dhara(Project title:Personality profile, Stress and Job satisfaction of Indian sea farers)
        2. Manjusha Adak(Project title: Cognitive processing through PASS model and it's role in determining academic performance of school students of North Eastern India)
        3. Parama Gupta(Project title:Differential validity of computer programming abilities)

          Administrative Staffs

        4. Mr. Biplab De Sarkar, Sr. Asst.
        5. Mr. Swarup Ghara, Office Asst. A
        6. Mrs. Indranee Karmakar, Helper

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